East Is Hosting NIETOC!

The National Individual Events Tournament of Champions (NIETOC) will bring the nation’s best and brightest students and teachers in Oral Interpretation and Oratory together to participate in a Tournament of Champions.

The tournament will be held from Friday, May 13 – Sunday May 15, 2016 at East High School. The final rounds of the tournament on the afternoon of Saturday, May 14, 2016 from 3:30-8:00 pm are open to the public. General NIETOC information can be found at: http://www.nietoc.com

The participation of all DEFT parents is essential leading up to the tournament as well as the weekend of the tournament. We specifically need help with parking, decorations and coordinating meals, snacks and drinks for our coaches and judges. Please contact Shari Most at 4mosts@gmail.com to volunteer. If you are an experienced judge and are available to help for this tournament please contact Susan Wroble at sbmwroble@gmail.com .

DEFT — Description and Purpose

The Denver East Forensic Team (DEFT) Foundation is an organization dedicated to supporting the speech and debate team of East High School, a diverse public high school of 2,600 students, located in the heart of Denver, Colorado.

DEFT’s purpose is to empower participating forensics (speech and debate) students to reach their highest potential by developing their:
• Effective communication skills
• Critical thinking
• Integrity and ethical behavior

Through the training, practice and performances of various events and tournaments, students acquire skills and experience that supplements their education and contributes to the enhancement of their chosen careers throughout the rest of their lives. Using DEFT as an acronym for results, we help cultivate the following qualities in the students who pass through our programs:
Discipline—Students who participate in forensics typically excel in the classroom and in life because of the extraordinary commitments of time, practice, study and energy invested in their performances.
Eloquence—The ability to clearly and convincingly communicate is an intrinsic quality of individuals who are successful leaders in our communities, our schools, our businesses, our government and our society overall.
Focus—In a society that overwhelms students with options, forensics enables them to take advantage of a personal interest or a career ambition, then research, analyze, shape and communicate subjects which are relevant and interesting to them.
Transformation—Many students, when first entering forensics, struggle to harness substantive ideas, dreams and insights and shape them into language that has the power to change minds, stimulate creativity and move others to action. Progressing through four years of forensics helps equip students with the skills and abilities to transform thoughts into effective communication.

We are proud to be involved in such a significant undertaking. The resources gathered, directed and invested in our teachers, coaches and students reap dividends beyond measure. To be a part of something that shapes young lives is an enterprise well worth all the resources needed to fuel such an undertaking.


Click on the links below to see DEFT students debate two of the upcoming ballot issues on the Rocky Mountain PBS Show “Both Sides of the Story”

Episode 1
Proposition 105:  Labeling certain foods containing GMO’s

Episode 2
Amendment 68:  Limited gaming to provide funding for K-12 schools

DEFT Earns #1 Spot at the World’s Largest Academic Event

DALLAS, TX June 2011

Denver East High School had an Incredible Showing at the 2011 LFG/NFL National Speech and Debate Tournament.  Students competed for over $200,000 in college scholarships and earned  Read More->