2016-2017 Results

Cherry Creek Classic November 5, 2016
The 5280 November 11-12, 2016
Castle Classic November 19, 2016
Mile High Invitational December 2-3, 2016
Collins Clash December 10, 2016
The Holiday Classic in Cheyenne December 16-17, 2016
MLK Jr Invitational – James Logan HS January 13-15, 2017
The Patriot Games January 14, 2017
LOBO Howl January 21, 2017
Fairview Freeze January 28, 2017
Lakewood Eye of the Tiger Tournament February 4, 2017
Denver Public Schools Invitational Tournament February 4, 2017
Stanford Invitational Debate Tournament February 10-13, 2017
36th Spartan Speech Tournament – Lincoln February 17-18, 2017
Columbine Invitational Tournament February 18, 2017
CHSAA Region II State Qualifying Tournament February 24-25, 2017
CHSAA State Tournament March 17-18, 2017
Rocky Mountain South NSDA National Qualifying Tournament April 7-8, 2017
NIETOC Invite May 5-7, 2017
Nationals 2017 in Birmingham June 18-23, 2017


Cherry Creek Classic

This past Saturday, East High School competed at the first Varsity speech and debate tournament of the 16/17 season.  The tournament, the Cherry Creek Classic, was hosted by Cherry Creek High School and included 500 competitors from 32 high schools in CHSAA’s Region II.  East brought 59 students to the tournament.  Fourteen East students advanced to the final rounds and East won First Place in the sweeps for total team points.  The entire team had a great time and truly displayed the best in competitive spirit.

Our East finalists were as follows:

Original Oratory: 

2nd Place: Jackson Postal

Informative Speaking: 

1st Place: Max Davidson (Double Finalist)

Public Forum Debate: 

3rd Place: Jack Cohen & Andrew Talley

5th Place: Eric Delavalle & Ben Krauss

National Extemporaneous: 

1st Place: Liam Glennie

International Extemporaneous:

3rd Place: Max Davidson

Dramatic Interpretation:

1st Place: Ella Price


6th Place: Averie Hughes


1st Place: Clio Wolgenant & John Walsh
3rd Place: Will Roberts & Liam Pech (Freshman team, first varsity meet)
4th Place: Bobby Donanhey & Christian Wilson

Program Oral Interpretation (POI) (New category this year)

1st Place: Ajala Way
4th Place: Marin Griffith (freshman, first varsity meet)

Congratulations to all!  It was a great meet, and a wonderful way to start the varsity season!

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The 5280

East attended the The 5280 Tournament at George Washington High School this Saturday with 67 Angels in attendance.  The tournament hosted 379 competitorsfrom 28 High Schools in the Tournament category for Region II of CHSAA competition.  The 5280 tournament was the first National tournament held in Colorado of the 16/17 competition season.  The 5280 is also the first BID tournament for The National Individual Events Tournament of Champions (NIETOC).

East had 29 Students’ advanced to the break rounds, and 25 Angels advanced to the final round in their category!  The entire team had a great time and truly displayed the best in competitive spirit but yet once again!

Debate Events:

Lincoln Douglas Debate:

William Maxwell Donovan 2nd Place
Grace Kieft 3rd Place

Public Forum Debate:

Andrew Tally & Jack Cohen 2nd Place
Ben Krauss & Eric Dellavalle 1st Place

International Exempt:

Max Davidson 1st Place
Adrian Oteiza 6th Place

United States Extemp:
William Glennie 4th Place

Interpretation Events:

Haley Drake 2nd Place
Julia Shouse 5th Place
Caitlan Quinn 6th Place (Double Finalist

Dramatic Interpretation:
Ella Price 5th Place

Humorous Interpretation:

Antonio Maaliki 2nd Place
Maddie Scholtz 4th Place

Program Oral Interpretation:

Ajala Way 1st Place
Joseph Smith III 5th Place

DUO Interpretation:

Bobby Danahey & Christian Wilson 4th Place
Nell Salzmian & Bridget Sidwell 5th Place

Informative Speaking:

Max Davidson 1st Place
Avery Dell 2nd Place
Abagail Seman 3rd Place

Impromptu Speaking:

Caitlan Quinn (Double Finalist) 4th Place

DEFT was also the winner of the sweepstakes award for the second Varsity meet in a row! For families that are new to the DEFT community, sweepstakes awards are given to the top three schools based on overall speaker points for the tournament.  East received first place with 141 overall team points and Cherry Creek came in second with 91 points.  Our Angels did a fantastic job and displayed the highest level of team commitment and unity! Our students are simply amazing!

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Castle Classic

What a wonderful way to start the holiday break — traveling with 68 dedicated Angels to Greeley, Colorado to compete before the holiday.  East experienced a third awesome varsity meet in a row and ended with finalists in every category except Poetry.  Congratulations to all!

Drama Finalists:

Kobe Wright First Place
Ella Price Fourth Place

Humor Finalists:

Antonio Maaliki First Place
Jacob Kelly Fourth Place (Freshman)

Program Oral Interp:

Christian Wilson Second Place
Marin Griffith Third Place (Freshman)

National Extemp:

Max Davidson First Place
William Martin Glennie Third Place

DUO Team Finalists:

Nell Salzman / Bridget Sidwell Second Place
David Geldzahler / August Toevs  Third Place
Zoe Baumgartner / Izzy Grouch Sixth Place
Simone Bonnet / Trinity Simpson Seventh Place
Leah Harris / Maitlan Carabello Eleventh Place
Will Conboy / Ryan Bianucci Twelfth Place

All of the above duo teams received a bid to the National Individual Events Tournaments of Champions event this year held in Kansas City, MO.  One more bid and they will receive an invitation to compete with other champions from across the country.  WAY TO GO!

Original Oratory:

Jackson Postal First Place
Haley Drake Second Place

Foreign Extemp:

Max Davidson First Place (Double Finalist)
Aaron Bacon Second Place

Creative Storytelling:

Peter Jonas First Place

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Mile High Invitational


DEFT and DU were proud to host The Mile High tournament December 2nd and 3rd.  With 362 competitors from 32 schools in 7 states on the prestigious DU campus, East Angels rolled out the red carpet.  For East, this is our flagship varsity meet, and it has proven to be the premier speech and debate tournament in the state.  The tournament ran smoothly thanks to all of our wonderful friends and family members that support the DEFT program.  This message is from our wonderful DEFT mothers:

“Congratulations to everyone involved in making last week’s Mile High tournament a tremendous success!  As you know, this is our program’s signature tournament. We are thrilled to report that we had over 30 schools from Colorado and around the country participate and everything ran incredibly smoothly. The event was successful due to the outstanding volunteer work of several key people. Please give them a big thank you when you see them next!  East High School Speech Coach Brent Dysart, Parent co-chairs Elise Barish and Ann Geldzahler and Judges Coordinators Sue Presta and Susan Wroble and food coordinator Stacey Toevs.

THANK YOU to the many parent volunteers who served as judges, donated food and who helped staff the event. Also to the East speech and debate students who were instrumental in coordinating logistics throughout the two-day tournament.”

It truly does take a village for programs like DEFT to survive.  We had more than enough students on hand to support the tournament, as well as to witness and view key roles that they will carry on in years to come.  We have already begun the planning to make next year’s Mile High even bigger and better!

Celebrations from the Mile High Tournament:

East had 19 students compete at the Mile High this year.  Of these, 7 students made the final rounds, and here are their placements:

Extemp Speaking:

Max Davidson 2nd Place
William Martin Glennie 3rd Place

Humorous Speaking:
Siyon Morrow 4th Place

Original Oratory:
Christian Wilson 4th Place

Program Oral Interpretation:
Joseph C. Smith III 6th Place

Public Forum Debate:
Sam Pfeifer & CJ Jones 1st Place

Another great DEFT celebration for Mile High:  DEFT parents truly answered the call by volunteering to serve as judges this year!  DEFT parents totaled 92 judges for the two-day event, in addition to 51 hired judges.  This is a great celebration as it will clear the way for more Angels to be able to compete at the Mile High next year.  This is due in large part to the parent judge committee organization this year! Way to go!

Speech and Debate continues to challenge our students and foster a truly amazing competitive atmosphere and this year’s Mile High proves exactly how far past the classroom programs like DEFT reach.  Thank you to all of the parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters and even a few neighbors for showing up for East!  We truly appreciate your support!
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Collins Clash

Celebrations for the Fort Collins Tournament:

East attended the Collins Clash at Fort Collins High School this Saturday, December 10, with 38 Angels in attendance.  The tournament hosted 344 competitors from 22 High Schools in the Tournament category for Region II of CHSAA competition.

East had 16 students advance to the final round in their category!  The entire team had a great time and truly displayed the best in competitive spirit but yet once again!  (Never gets old to see our students shine!)

Debate Events: 

Lincoln Douglas Debate: 
Austin Barish 2nd Place

Public Forum Debate:
Caitlin Kenney & Maddie Darré  2nd Place
Jack Cohen & Andrew Talley 3rd Place

Speech Events: 

Original Oratory:
Christian Wilson 2nd Place (Triple Finalist)

Humorous Interpretation: 
Antonio Maaliki 1st Place
Eloise Gordon 2nd Place
Izzy Micek 6th Place

Dramatic Interpretation:
Kobe Wright 3rd Place

Program Oral Interpretation: 
Christian Wilson 1st Place (Triple Finalist)

DUO Interpretation: 
Luke Nueriter & Antonio Maaliki 1st Place
Bobby Danahey & Christian Wilson  2nd Place (Triple Finalist)
Eloise Gordon & Kobe Wright 3rd Place
Leah Harris & Maitlan Carabello 6th Place
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MLK Jr Invitational – James Logan HS

James Logan Final Results:
James Logan Travel Meet in Union City California.  DEFT has made this journey for several years.  This year the team traveled with 46 competitors.  The first break rounds were to quarters and DEFT had 18 students make the first break.  Breaking to semi-final rounds were 11 students, and advancing to final rounds were 4 DEFT Angels.

Advanced to Semi Final at the James Logan Speech and debate Tournament in San Francisco were:
Haley Drake
Caitlin Quinn
William Martin Glennie
Max Davidson
Adrian Oteiza
Clio Wohlgenant & John Walsh
Madeline Scholtz
Antonio Maaliki
Kobe Wright
Elizabeth Strong

Finalists for the James Logan Speech and debate tournament:
Haley Drake 2nd Place Oratory
Max Davidson 3rd Place International Exempt
Elizabeth Strong 4th Place Drama
Antonio Maaliki 6th Place Humor

In total DEFT had 84 competitors in two states over the weekend of January 14th.  DEFT Angels represented our community with the highest standard of respect and sportsmanship!  While in California Angels were able to have a once in a lifetime personal guided tour of Google’s worldwide headquarters at the Googleplex in Cupertino CA.  All in all, a wonderful weekend for DEFT.
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Patriot Games

GW Final Results:
George Washington Patriot Games was held at GW on January 14th 2017.  DEFT was in attendance with 38 Angels competing in Speech and Debate.  While Mr. Dysart and Mrs. McHugh were with the team in California, Laura Hosman & Noah Kaplan took the lead to assist DEFT at our local meet.  We are forever grateful for their dedication to our community.

The finalist at the Patriot Games were:
Avery Dell (Double Finalist) Informative Speaking 2ndPlace

DUO Interpretation:
Audrey McGlothlin (Double Finalist) & Liam Comaskey 2nd Place
Avery Dell (Double Finalist) and Katherine Logan 6thPlace

Dramatic Interpretation in 5th Place Audrey McGlothlin
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DEFT attended the Rocky Mountain High School LOBO HOWL tournament this weekend in Fort Collins.  DEFT traveled with 53 speech and debate students and demonstrated the highest level of professionalism and sportsmanship. There were not quarter or semi-final rounds, the tournament broke directly to finals.

DEFT had 19 students advance to the final round of competition.

Here are the LOBO HOWL Results:

Public Forum Debate: 

Ethan Cordes & Johan Dellgren 1st Place 
William Allstetter & Michael Akner 4th Place 
Gia Witt & Owen Jensen 6th Place 
Andrew Talley & Jack Cohen 7th Place 

Suplemental Debate:

Tom Patterson 3rd Place 

International Extemp:

Max Davidson 1st Place
Charlie Luxton 3rd Place
Sophie Goldberg 5th Place 

National Extemp: 

William Martin Glennie 2nd Place

Lincoln Douglas Debate: 

Grace Kieft 4th Place

Program Oral Interpretation:

Christian Wilson 1st Place
Unbreakable Tie With competitor from Cheyenne East


Antonio Maaliki 1st Place 
Casey McCullom 3rd Place 
Henry Korneffel 5th Place 

Another great Saturday of completion for our wonderful group of competitors from. East GO ANGELS!
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Fairview Freeze

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Lakewood Eye of the Tiger Tournament

The Lakewood Tournament offered students four rounds of competition and final rounds for students that advanced.  The following students advanced two the final rounds:
Original Oratory: 
Caitlin Quinn 1st Place
Humorous Interpretation: 
Casey McCullum 1st Place (Freshman)
Izzy Micek 2nd Place
Simone Bonnet 5th Place
Maddie Schultz 6th Place 
Program Oral Interpretation: 
Ellie Golding 4th Place
DUO Interpretation:
Leah Harris & Maitlan Carabello 2nd Place
Liam Comaskey & Audrey McGlothlin 3rd Place
Public Forum Debate: 
Jones & Pfifer 4th Place

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DPS Invitational Tournament

The 2017 DPS Invitational is in the books!
Final results:
2nd place POI – Christian Wilson
2nd place Duo – August Toevs and David Geldzahler
2nd place Informative – Max Davidson
5th place Informative – Avery Dell
6th place Informative – Brett Alan Ford
2nd place International Extemp – Charles Luxton
2nd place US Extemp – Adrian Oteiza
3rd place Public Forum – Ethan Cordes and Johan Dellgren
4th place Original Oratory – Claire Peshut

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Stanford Invitational Debate Tournament

Stanford results are:
Novice Extemp:
Sophie Goldberg 6th place

Varsity Extemp:
Adrian Oteiza quarter finalist

Public Forum:
Maya Younoszai/Ethan Cordes triple Octos
Jack Cohen/Andrew Talley triple Octos
Sam Pfeifer/Connor Jones double Octos
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36th Annual Spartan Speech Tournament – Lincoln, NE

Celebrations for 36th Annual Spartan Invitational at Lincoln East High School, Lincoln NE

DEFT traveled this past weekend to Lincoln for the final opportunity to receive bids for our upcoming Tournament of Champions held this May in Kansas City. Each student needs to obtain two bids for qualifying rounds throughout the competition season.  DEFT needed 20 bids, and come home with 24!

DEFT traveled to Lincoln with 40 Angels, here are the result:

Dramatic Interpretation:

Ella Price 1st Place Final Round (BID)
Allie Kelly 5th Place Semi-Final (BID)
Kobe Wright 2nd Place Merit (BID)

Humorous Interpretation:

Jake Kelly 6th Place Quarters (BID)
Antonio Maaliki 1st Place Merit (BID)
Peter Jonas 3rd Place Merit (BID)
Eloise Gordon 1st Place Consolation (BID)

 Program Oral Interpretation:

Christian Wilson 6th Place Semi-Final (BID)

DUO Interpretation:

Andrew Brinen & Peter Jonas 2nd Place Final Round (BID)
Kobe Wright & Eloise Gordon 3rd Place Final Round (BID)
Nell Salzman & Bridget Sidwell 4th Place Final Round (BID)
Robert Danahey & Christian Wilson 5th Place Final Round (BID)
David Geldzahler & August Toevs 1st Place Merit Round (BID
Antonio Maaliki & Luke Nueriter 2nd Place Merit Round (BID)
Liam Peck & William Roberts 4th Place Merit Round (BID)
Liam Comaskey & Audrey McGlothlen 5th Place Merit Round (BID)

Original Oratory:

Haley Drake 3rd Place Merit (BID)

Oral Interpretation of Drama:

Team: Katherine Logan, Henry Korneffel, Peter Krumholtz and Audrey McGlothlen 4th Place Final Round

Informative Speaking:

Max Davidson 4th Place Merit

Extemporaneous Speaking:

William Martin Glennie 3rd Place Merit Round

This weekend was an awesome addition to DEFT travel.  Our Angels were nothing short of amazing!

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Columbine Invitational Speech Tournament

Columbine Speech Tournament held in Littleton this past weekend.  DEFT attended the tournament with 25 competitors.  Here are the local meet results.

Humorous Interpretation:

Casey McCullom 5th Place Final Round

Informative Speaking: 

Brett Ford 3rd Place Final Round
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CHSAA Region II State Qualifying Tournament

Denver East took 54 students this weekend to Golden High School for the 2016/1017 State Qualifying Speech and Debate Tournament.  DEFT students displayed the highest level of competitive spirit and truly represented what East High School is all about!  Although all students were not able to advance we are proud to announce the following Angels will get the chance to show the entire State what Denver East Forensics is all about!

54 student’s categories were filled with DEFT Angels for completion Friday and Saturday, 36 won the right to advance to State, and 7 students are alternates for State completion!

The following Angels are advancing to the State Tournament Tournament for 2016/2017 held this year March 17th & 18th at Mountain Vista High School in Highlands Ranch, Colorado.

Public Forum Debate:

Eric Dellavalle and Ben Krauss with 4/0 record
Jack Cohen and Andrew Talley 3/0 record
Sam Pfeifer and CJ Jones 3/0 record
Owen Jensen and Gia Witt 3/0 record

All East PF teams that attended qualifier are advancing to State.

Dramatic Interpretation:

Audrey McGlothlen 1st Place (Tie)
Kobe Wright 1st Place (Tie)
Ella Price 4th Place
Elizabeth Strong 6th Place

All East students that attended qualifier are advancing to State.

DUO Interpretation:

Liam Comaskey & Audrey McGlothlen 1st Place
Eloise Gordon & Kobe Wright 2nd Place
Bridget Sidwell & Nell Salzman 3rd Place
Christian Wilson & Robert Danahey (Alternate)

Humorous Interpretation: 

Eloise Gordon 1st Place
Siyon Morrow 2nd Place
Antonio Maaliki 3rd Place
Maddie Scholtz 4th Place
Izzy Micek (2nd State Alternate)

All East students that attended qualifier are advancing to State including alternate.

International Extemporaneous Speaking:

Max Davidson 1st Place
Sophie Goldberg 4th Place
Adrian Oteiza 6th Place
Matthew Nekritz 8th Place

All East students that attended qualifier are advancing to State.

Lincoln Douglas Debate:

Grace Kieft Qualifying with a 4/0 record!

National Extemporaneous Speaking;

William Martin Glennie

Original Oratory;

Jackson Postal 1st Place
Caitlan Quinn 4th Place
Haley Drake 8th Place

Christian Wilson 5th Alternate

Poetry Interpretation:

William Conboy 1st Alternate
Allie Kelly Tied 3rd Alternate
Jake Kelly Tied 3rd Alternate

Program Oral Interpretation: 

Ajala Way

Informational Speaking: 

Max Davidson 1st Place
Abba Seman 4th Place
Avery Dell 6th Place
Brett Ford 7th Place

All East students that attended qualifier are advancing to State.
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CHSAA State Tournament

Denver East Forensics Team advanced 32 students to the State competition in speech and debate which began Friday morning at Mountain Vista High School in Highlands Ranch CO.  This years State tournament had 503 competitors from 78 high schools from across the State of Colorado.  DEFT students displayed the highest level of competitive spirit and truly represented what East High School Forensics Team is all about!  20 DEFT Angels advanced to the out rounds and here are the celebrations:

International Extemporaneous Speaking:

Max Davidson was awarded 1st Place in the State.
Matthew Nekritz was awarded 12th Place in the State.

Public Forum Debate:

Jack Cohen and Andrew Talley Advanced to Octo-Finals.

Dramatic Interpretation:

Ella Price was awarded 4th Place in the State.
Elizabeth Strong was awarded 7th Place in the State.

DUO Interpretation:

Eloise Gordon & Kobe Wright 2nd Place in the State.
Bridget Sidwell & Nell Salzman 3rd Place in the State.
Liam Comaskey & Audrey McGlothlen 5th Place in the State.

Humorous Interpretation: 

Antonio Maaliki was awarded 6th Place in the State.
Izzy Micek was awarded 9th Place in the State.

Lincoln Douglas Debate:

Grace Kieft was an Octo-Finalist.

Original Oratory;

Jackson Postal was awarded 5th Place in the State.
Haley Drake was awarded 6th Place in the State.

Program Oral Interpretation: 

Ajala Way was awarded 5th Place in the State.

Informational Speaking: 

Abba Seman was awarded 6th Place in the State.
Avery Dell was awarded 12th Place in the State.

This was a truly amazing weekend filled with support for our world class forensics team. Next up, Tournament of Champions and Nationals!
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Rocky Mountain South NSDA National Qualifying Tournament

Denver East Forensics Team attended the National Qualifying Tournament last weekend at Golden High School.  DEFT had 30 students that were qualified to attend and attempt to advance on to the Nationals tournament, which will be held in Birmingham, Alabama from June 18-24, 2017.

The Southern Colorado Region of the National Speech and Debate Association has eleven events in speech and debate that students can compete to qualify in.  Only the top two individual events or teams advance in each category.  In total, the Southern Colorado Region includes fourteen schools and has 22 team or individual positions available at the national tournament this year.  DEFT has secured 7 team and individual positions.  That means DEFT was able to secure 31% of the region’s national advancement opportunities!

What a simply fantastic journey this year has shaped up to be!  Each and every one of our Angels deserves praise as they have dedicated countless hours all year preparing for this important event.

A special Thank You goes out to our village as well.  Without Matt Murphy, Susan McHugh, Noah Kaplan, Christine Decker, Laura Hosman, Lisa Porter and all of the teachers and support staff that encourage and coach our students these accomplishments would be impossible!

And last but certainly not least as special Thank You to our supportive parents!  DEFT has a unique system that is truly a village of support.  Our parents spend countless weekends with us, at tournaments as well as preparing for events and doing the fundraising that is vital to bring our program to life.  Without your support it would be impossible to advance our team of 260 Angels!  Thank you all for everything that you do!

Here are the National Qualifying Results for 2017:

Public Forum Debate: 

Andrew Talley & Jack Cohen both seniors 1st Place with an undefeated record. Advancing to Nationals.

Foreign Extemp Speaking:

Adrian Ortiza 4th Place in tournament.

Informative Speaking (New category this year):

Avery Claire Dell 2nd Place Advancing to Nationals.

Abigail Seman 5th Place in tournament


Jackson Postal 3rd Place in tournament.

Dramatic Interpretation:

Ella Price 5th Place in tournament.

Program Oral Interpretation (New category this year):

Marin Griffith (freshman) 2nd Place in tournament Advancing to Nationals.

Humorous Interpretation:

Antonio Maaliki 1st Place with nearly perfect scoring. Advancing to Nationals.

DUO Interpretation:

Eloise Gordon & Kobe Wright (both seniors) 1st place with nearly perfect scoring. Advancing to Nationals.

Audrey McGlothlen & Liam Comaskey (Audrey 11th & Liam Senior year) 4thPlace in the tournament.

The 2017 East High School Nationals Team:

Jack Cohen
Andrew Talley
Avery Dell
Marin Griffith
Antonio Maaliki
Eloise Gordon
Kobe Wright
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Nationals 2017 in Birmingham

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